When the Heart Lies by Christina North – Blog Tour & Giveaway

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Title: When the Heart Lies

Author: Christina North

Genre: Romance/Suspense/Mystery


The biggest secrets have a habit of catching up with you…

Romance novelist Kinsley Wentworth has a knack for approaching life as if she was a character in one of her novels. Kinsley is desperately in need of love, the one thing missing from her marriage.

Bad decisions can have terrifying consequences…

After a failed attempt at reconciliation with her estranged husband Nick, Kinsley meets Wayde online, he’s allegedly searching for her missing brother, and they develop a friendship. Wayde convinces Kinsley that he will help her find her estranged brother if she moves to Florida with her young son, but Kinsley soon finds herself trapped in an abusive and potentially life-threatening situation.

A knight in shining armor…

Unknown to Kinsley, she is not totally alone; she has a protector. Jackson, a private investigator hired to watch over her and her son, is always close at hand. A little too close, Jackson is falling for a woman in a hopeless situation.

A fairy-tale happily ever after?

Kinsley is convinced she can forgo her own need for love to provide her son with a traditional family. But Jackson is determined to give Kinsley the space and time she needs, confident she will figure out that he is the reality she has been looking for all along.





         After Nick finished his daily workout he headed for the office, but before the second chirp that disarmed his car security system, he spotted Xavier’s limo as it slowly rolled to a stop in front of the driveway, effectively blocking his car in. He looked in the opposite direction, then turned back to face the limo and stood waiting. The tinted window on the driver’s side edged down as slowly as the car rolled up.

         The driver jerked his head directing him to get in. He set his briefcase on the hood of his Mercedes Z Series Roadster and got into the limo. He didn’t say anything and settled comfortably into the leather seat across from Xavier.

         “We should talk Nick,” Xavier said.



         “Kinsley? My marriage. My business. I’ll handle things my way.”

         Xavier’s fist tensed against his thigh, and his jaw set tight leaving his words forced and pressured. “Your way is avoiding, which doesn’t work in business or in life. I gave you her post office box number. Finding her physical address would be simple.” He waited for a response. There was none. “It would make sense for a husband who loves his wife to do that. To fight to get her back.”

         Nick stared at Xavier intently and then laughed. “I don’t fight for any woman. That’s where we differ. You have your persona. I have mine. You’re the rich iconic business mogul, the relatively faithful family man. I’m the playboy heir. Anything else and I’m Xavier Wentworth’s semi-successful son. I much prefer people to think of me as that lucky bastard who can bang any woman he pleases and has a beautiful wife and son to boot. The envy of men, the desire of women. Thanks to all your hard work, it’s been easy.”

         “Your wife is gone.”

         Nick grasped the door handle. “She’ll be back.”

         Before he opened the door, Xavier reached over and rested his hand on top of his. “I’m not so sure she will be back, Nick. She needs to know you love her. A woman needs that from her husband. Money can’t compare to a woman knowing she’s loved.” Xavier lifted his hand, and Nick headed back to his car without responding.


About the Author:

Christina North - Photo

       Christina North is an author who prides herself on creating characters that are authentic, yet, heartbreakingly, troubled souls. Often unlikable, they live, love, and struggle, in a way that not everyone can empathize with. Her characters are recreation of the kind of people we all know, love, and possibly loathe at times.

In a world that is often harsh and unforgiving, they don’t always make the right choices and do battle to find their way. Perhaps, you’re one of them. Christina is determined to take her readers with her as she examines the darker side of life in the depth and bring peace and happiness in the end. She also enjoys mixing it up with a bit of suspense, a dash of thrills, and a great romance.

A single mother of two teenage boys, Christina was born and raised in Upstate, New York and now resides in Richmond, Virginia. She aspires to live the remainder of her life, creating stories that will touch the hearts of readers everywhere.


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