Review Policy & Rating Scale


Would you like me to read and review your novel?

First of all – THANK YOU for the opportunity to read your novel!!!

As much as I would love to accept every offer, there simply isn’t enough time to read every book that interests me – let alone all the books one can obtain free through Goodreads, Smashwords, NetGalley, and other sources.  However, if you are an author and you have come to my blog looking for a reviewer of your novel, I ask that you please send me a message through my Goodreads page.  I will respond to your request as quickly as possible.  I prefer a physical copy vs. an eBook (it’s easier to remember to read a book when I can see it in a stack on my shelf rather than try to remember to look through my kindle shelf for the book I promised to read).  Currently (it is now Sept 2013), I have a TON of books I’ve promised to read and I don’t expect I’ll be able to get to any new books for a few months (Nov or Dec 2013).

Again, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and for being interested in requesting I review your novel.


Who is supposed by benefit from my reviews?
Potential Readers! Oh sure, the authors want feedback on their books – but they’ve probably already gotten that from friends, family, publishers, and peers. These reviews are to give potential readers more information to allow them to make a more informed decision about whether or not a particular book will enhance or waste 6 to 12 hours of their lives. Because in this day and age, who has time to spare, am I right?

What do my reviews look like:
My review will include a photo of the book cover. The review will be titled the book title and the author. I like to give my own brief synopsis of the story. I feel this is more telling to what actually stood out in the book rather than copying the synopsis from the book. And while my reviews are for potential readers, this should also be an added bonus for the author – meaning my synopsis should give the author a better idea of whether or not the big picture is getting through to their readers. However, if my creative wheels just aren’t working, then I’ll provide the publisher’s synopsis for the book.  Next, I’ll tell the readers my thoughts, what I liked, didn’t like, etc. At the end will be an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5. (See below for more information on the rating scale.) I also try to pin down the appropriate age range for the book. If it’s a children’s book, I’ll say it’s appropriate for all ages. If it’s a steamy, romance/S&M novel, obviously, I’ll say it’s appropriate for ages 18 & up. I’ll try to have information, such as social links, for where you can find out more information about the author.  And I may include links to where you can buy the book.

What types of opinions do I give?
100% HONEST REVIEWS ONLY. This means that whether I bought the book at a premium price or received a free copy or even if I’m reviewing it and hosting a giveaway, I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion. If I loved it or hated it, I will say so. I’m not interested in giving props to a book if it was clearly thrown together haphazardly with little to no revisions and an utter lack of care and pride in workmanship. To me, a book like that is an insult to authors that spend months or years writing the first draft, and then double that time revising and fine tuning their novel to make sure every little piece fits and all the parts come together to create a solid, functioning, lasting work of art! That being said, there are authors out there who have been blessed with the ability to churn out high-quality novel after high-quality novel – but those authors are diamonds in the rough!

What will I comment on?
As mentioned above, I’ll tell the readers my thoughts. This could include what I liked and why, what I didn’t like, and I may even include a favorite quote or passage from the book. I might say “if you liked [x], then you’ll love this book!”


5 out of 5 stars should be pretty clear. But allow me to explain my meaning of 5 out of 5. It takes a really stellar book for me to rate it 5 out of 5 stars. The characters are fully developed. The detail is spot-on-perfect. The plot is insightful, interesting, and strong. There are no typos. The words are cunningly scripted and flow effortlessly. The climax is better than sex. Everything is packaged perfectly. My dreams are invaded by scenes from the story. On my imaginary shelf of book ratings, these books are on the shelf made of bullet-proof glass, kept behind lock & key, double-secured and password protected, and placed at eye level so I can gaze upon the true meaning of total awesomeness. They do not leave my possession. They are my preciouses and I covet them greedily. Needless to say, I would tell everyone to read a book of this caliber.

4 out of 5 stars: A book like this was one I really liked. But for some reason it was missing just a little something – you know that extra umph or spark that would have made it dazzle and shine and, therefore, prevents it from earning the 5th star. Still, I’d put this book up high on my shelf to protect it from my mangy mutts and dirty hands of children. And I would be upset to see anything mar its cover or pages. I would recommend a book like this to friends.

3 out of 5 stars: There were things in this book I liked, things I could have done without and things that outright annoyed me. Typos, for example, get on my nerves and take away from the story. But it may be a book where I still enjoyed the story or plot or characters and I could see a glimpse of what the author tried to do and how good the book could have been. I might mention this book in passing to others. It would probably be placed on the second to bottom shelf, but if I had room on a higher shelf, I might move it up until a better one comes along to kick it out.

2 out of 5 stars: These books would go on the bottom shelf – you know, they’d be the ones that may fall victim to dog slobber and dust bunnies.

Last and certainly least, we have 1 out of 5 stars. These poor excuses for a novel would be the books I would use to level out the shelving unit if it faltered. Strike that. These books could be used for arts and crafts and I wouldn’t even care. That’s right. I said it. They could be cut up into little confetti bits and honestly, it’d probably be an improvement and better use of the book.


FYI: My Review Policy and Rating Scale are subject to change at my whim and pleasure. (After all, I am a woman and it’s in my nature!)

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    • Hello! I haven’t posted information about how to contact me to request a review because, quite honestly, I didn’t think authors really knew about my blog to request reviews 🙂 However, now that it’s been asked, I suppose I should provide that info!

      In the meantime, you can send a message to me through my Goodreads account:

      Thank you for asking!

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