Ethereal Fury (Gemini Rising #1) by Jessica O’Gorek

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Synopsis: (from Goodreads)

Angry at the human race and its methodical destruction of her resources, Mother Earth recruits souls who have just left their bodies to serve Her, and turns them against humanity. Gemini, a clan of paranormal beings, picked from these possessed humans, emerges. A powerful, rising force proceeds to carry out Mother Nature’s plan to systematically destroy towns, cities, states… and eventually, the world. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between a human girl, Violette, and Onyx, a lead Gemini, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.    


Team Onyx.

Can I just say…NOOOOO!!!!  That was the world’s hugest cliffhanger ever!  That right there is my biggest complaint about this book!  People, people, people.  You NEED to read this book – if only so that I can read the second book, Gemini in Retrograde (which will only be published once Ethereal Fury gets a stronger following).   I’ll tell ya what…I’ll even offer a GIVEAWAY of the eBook just so you all have a chance to read it!  Or, click here to buy it now!

Gemini Rising started out a little slow, but quickly gained tons of momentum.  I was able to part with it after the first few chapters.  But once I picked it back up again, I struggled to put it down (hey, a girl’s  gotta sleep at some point . . . unfortunately).  I think the thing I found most alluring about Ethereal Fury was the attachment I felt for Onyx.  Yes, he’s supposed to be the weapon of mass destruction for all human kind, but I found myself cheering for him.  I guess it’s that hopeless romantic thing in me that likes bad boys and thinks there’s hope for them, or that they can be “saved”.  Yeah, that’s gotta be what fascinated me about Onyx.  That’s not to say the other characters fell flat.  Far from it.  I was completely intrigued by what could be the underlying cause of Violette’s charisma.  I wanted to know what was so special about her that drew Onyx to her.  Okay, I admit it – the “forbidden love” angle snares me every time.

Other than the love story aspect, we get to experience the fight from both sides (the Geminis and the humans).  It was strange that I found myself rooting against the church – because after all, aren’t priests supposed to be good, and soul-snatching entities supposed to be evil?  Shouldn’t we always cheer good over evil?  But this book completely flipped that idea on its head.  After all, I can’t say I blame Mother Earth for being a little peeved and wanting to eradicate the source of the damage that’s been done to her.  I suppose it also helps that some of the human characters (and the politics and hierarchy in the church) in the story are really easy to dislike.  At this point, it’s hard to say where the story is  going to go because O’Gorek has left so many options open – and I really like that!

There were a couple parts where the POV (point-of-view) shifted unexpectedly, and I spotted a minuscule amount of typos – but none of these distracted me from the overall story.  The words flowed smoothly and the imagery was beautiful.  Gemini Rising is one of those stories that gets into your head, churns your imagination, and makes you think, “hey, this could be real.”

As I said at the beginning of this review, the ending was a killer cliffhanger!  I only wish the second book were available NOW!  I’d scoop it up in a heartbeat!

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Appropriate for ages 15 & up.


Etheral Fury Gemini Rising


Onyx walked very fast to the girls’ room. He had forgotten about the very basic human necessity of the bladder to empty itself every so often. He almost didn’t make it. It was a relief to finally go, and he even remembered to wash his hands when he was done. He was going to lie on his cot and regroup from the harrowing experience he had just had. On his way to the room he didn’t speak to anyone; didn’t look up at anyone either. The excitement of being around Violette and touching her had turned his eyes to a golden fire and he needed to cool off. He finally reached the bedroom and immediately lay down on the cot and closed his eyes, hiding them behind the crook of his arm.

That was a really stupid and insane thing to do! He should never have touched her! He could not do that again and survive this mission. He literally wanted to devour her. It was a terrible feeling, one that he never before felt for a blasted human. Why her? Why now? After fifty years of normal Gemini culture and training, this mortal was bringing him to his knees. She was literally intoxicating to be around. He wanted to possess her and keep her for himself. To be inside her would probably kill her because of the enormous friction and desire he felt when near her. Humans were fragile, and Violette was no exception. He did not want to hurt her, couldn’t stand the thought.

To see her face hurt had angered him deeply. He planned on finding this bishop and messing with him a little. Yes, that would be fun, scaring the bully, make him doubt his own sanity. He would pay for hitting her, pay immensely. If he’d done it to Violette, he’d probably done it to others.

“Eleanor? Are you asleep?” Violette’s voice caught him off guard, and he jumped a little. Odd, he hadn’t sensed her coming. He hoped his eyes were their normal color again.

“No, not asleep just resting.” He moved his arm from his face and looked at her. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could do this without blowing his cover and accidentally killing her out of sheer impatience to have her.


About the Author: Jessica O’Gorek
Jessica O'GorekI was born in Chesapeake, Virginia on April 19th, 1979. I was raised within the American Indian religion and was taught great respect for the earth and all its living beings. Powwows, sweat lodges, vision quests, you name it, I’ve done it. I was the weird kid who would confront kids on the playground in elementary school when they squished a bug. I would very sincerely tell them what they were doing was morally wrong and then I would pray for the bug to come back as a butterfly in its next life.

I grew up admiring my father, Barry Weinstock, as an author. He took me around the country to different places so he could research and write his Wilderness Survival books. One of his greatest works, “The Path of Power,” was written with a great medicine man, Sunbear. When I was twelve I started hand writing novels. My first one was two thousand pages. My dad always encouraged me and would rave about my writing. He gave me the confidence I needed to keep writing and follow my dream. My daughter, who is twelve, is currently working on her first novel. I hope to continue the legacy.


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I received a free copy of Ethereal Fury (Gemini Rising #1) from the author in exchange for an honest review.

10 responses to “Ethereal Fury (Gemini Rising #1) by Jessica O’Gorek

  1. Gemini Rising sounds like a very original story-I can’t remember ever reading anything with a storyline like it! Kudos to Jessica for a new twist in the paranormal genre, already have it on my wish list…can’t wait to read it!

  2. I love the fact that there is a war going on between Mother Earth and the humans and of course a love story in the mix makes it all the better

  3. This sounds like a fascinating book – I’ve been in the mood for a good sci-fi read!! Really fascinating premise with Mother Earth!

  4. Great review! Totally agree about the cliffhanger- perfect placement for it and the next in the series isn’t getting here fast enough!

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