What the heck is “Myrevaldi”?

If any of you have read The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (and if you haven’t, then you must, I repeat MUST, read these books), then you know that a name is a very important thing. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Rothfuss at a book signing in my hometown. I listened to the man speak. He talked about a lot of things like an analogy between raising his adorable son and writing, to a hysterical story about hamster-fish. But what stuck with me the most was his discussion about the importance of names (a recurring theme in his books). I remember he said he has a list of names just rolling around in his head just waiting to be used in some future work. Needless to say, I learned a lot from Mr. Rothfuss! (And by the way, yes, I geeked out and stuttered and was a completely unintelligible goof when I finally came face to face with him – he just radiates Awesomeness!)

Fast forward to the day the oh-my-god-that-would-be-a-freaking-fantastic-idea-for-a-book idea enters my mind. From the start, I knew I had to come up with a word to describe my new creation. I had a couple of key words in mind – savior, bad, evil, shadow – stuff like that. Next, I did what anyone would do…I started looking up Latin translations of my key words. Once I had a list of, oh, maybe 80 words and translations in various languages, I took the liberty of combining them, adding and switching letters, and basically trying to find a word that both sounded and looked awesome. The result – Myrevaldi!

Yes, I know, I still haven’t told you what the heck is “Myrevaldi”. I’m getting to it, okay.

The Myrevaldi are humans with supernatural powers (all I’ll reveal right now is that it has to do with shadows). They live among us normal humans. Being that they have supernatural powers, they require training to hone their skills and instruction on how (and where) to direct their powers. They also have a sort of secret society that is rife with tradition, culture, family, schemes, turmoil, and enemies. I hope someday soon I will have the opportunity to fully develop the story of the Myrevaldi and to share it with you all!


3 responses to “What the heck is “Myrevaldi”?

  1. Sound’s like you’ve got your hands full!

    My series “End’s Shadow Caste” started much in the same way. I began with a made up language, which has since become a culture, and is now just one of many.
    The only trick to publishing a book ( or accomplishing any other ‘big dream’ ) is persistence. Many people don’t do things because they think they can’t. It took me a decade to get mine off the ground, now all I have to do is put wind underneath it to make it fly.
    You can do it! Judging from your blog you have a good grasp of language and storytelling. There’s a great online network of writers editors and beta readers to help at KindleMojo : (www.kindlemojo.com). It’s free and a wealth of friendly helpful people. I’ve found it great so far.
    Good Luck! Drop me a message any time,
    (I had just swung by to say ‘neat blog’… I get a little excited about storytelling… haha… ) Neat blog!

    • Thanks for stopping by…and for the advice (persistence) & helpful link (kindlemojo! I’ve found while writing that if I force myself to sit down and write “x” amount of words per day, that I end up staring at a blank screen for hours and hours until eventually my eyes droop and I wake up with a laptop that fell asleep along with me! So instead I think about it everyday. If inspiration strikes, I jot down a note about it. Most of the time, the jotting ends and I’ve written what could be a major point in a chapter – maybe. I guess everyone has their methods that work best for them!

      Hope we can stay in touch and share more stories about our writing trials and triumphs!!! 🙂

  2. That’s how it starts. I’ve lost count of the many notebooks I keep for different projects. I think I might freak out if I knew just how many ideas I have on the go.

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