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Welcome to the Next Stop on the Making Connections Blog Tour of A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst by Hosho McCreesh!!!

A Little About the Book:
Title: A Deep And Gorgeous Thirst
Author: Hosho McCreesh
Genre: Poetry (of the Drunken Assortment)

In the footsteps of Charles Bukowski comes Hosho McCreesh’s magnum opus of drunk poetry. Mammoth in size and scope, A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is unlike any of McCreesh’s previous collections.


“A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is for anyone who’s ever had a drinking buddy — and who hasn’t? A perfect elegy to the illusions and delusions of alcohol. A book to be tasted and savored.”  —  Mark SaFranko, author of Hating Olivia, and No Strings

“These may be the best (and certainly the most) drinking poems I’ve read in twenty years (which, coincidentally, was when I stopped writing them myself, because I’d stopped drinking).   Hosh has colloquial dialogue (and monologue) down as close to perfect as it can get, and there’s a highly congenial tone to it all, no matter what stage of the bottle(s) the revelers find themselves.  Great fun for all.  And no morning-after…for the reader!”  —  Gerald Locklin, author The Case Of The Missing Blue Volkswagen

“Hosho McCreesh’s new sweeping poetry collection, A Deep and Gorgeous Thirst, is, on the surface, about booze and bars and drinking a lot, something the speakers in Hosho’s poems know something about. But what’s beneath the surface is what counts. The people in these sly, funny, often heartbreaking poems know that a bar is never just a bar, a drink is never just a drink. These are poems about being human, the heartbreak and joy and horror of all that. McCreesh — like the great Joseph Mitchell (see McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon), John Fante (Brotherhood of the Grape), and of course Charles Bukowski – knows that the truth comes up when illusions of control come down.”
— Lori Jakiela, author The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious



I have a confession to make.  I’ve never reviewed a book of poetry, let alone drunken poetry!  I didn’t know what to expect when I “cracked the spine”.  Well, the first poem left me chortling and I quickly read it aloud to my man, who shivered and made a face like he just tasted something sour (or maybe chugged a bottle of vinegar)!  Each poem I began, I told myself that’d be the last one I’d read that night.  And then, before I knew it, I was scrolling down to the next one!  Hosho’s writing is hysterical, heart-wrenching, passionate, curt, boisterous, and all-in-all, something everyone who’s ever had a few drunken nights with their buddies can relate to!  And while I’d love to quote a few passages, I feel that taken out of context, they wouldn’t mean as much, or come across as funny, or sorrowful, or enraged, or emotionally charged, as they are in the lines of the full poem.  Oh, by the way, don’t expect these poems to rhyme or, for that matter, to read like a Dr. Seuss book.  So, my advice, if you’re looking for something that’s not mainstream from someone who will publish something that will shock you at times, make you laugh, make you cry, make you rage, then check out A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst by Hosho McCreesh!    

Fans of Boondock Saints (yes, I know this is a movie and my blog is about books, but this just FITS) will like this book.


About the Author:
Author Photo
Hosho McCreesh is currently writing and painting in the gypsum and caliche badlands of the American Southwest. He has work appearing widely in print, audio, and online. Books available from Alternating Current, Artistically Declined Press, Bottle of Smoke Press, Mary Celeste Press, sunnyoutside, and Orange Alert Press.


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DrunkSkull Survival Kit
Hosho McCreesh is giving away the DrunkSkull Survival Kit ($50 worth of fabulous prizes!). The Kit will include:
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I received a free copy of A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst from Hosho McCreesh in exchange for an honest review.


This blog tour is sponsored by Making Connections.


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