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Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Valerie from Stuck in Books!

This hop is a chance to share a book that I just couldn’t put down . . . a book that sucked me in and kept me glued to its pages! For this, I chose Splintered by A.G. Howard.


Why? Well, read on!

I remember the day  I first saw the spine of this book.  It was in a box that was overflowing with tons of other bargain books in the dimly lit basement of a small-time, non-franchise book store.   I picked it up and thought, “Well, that’s a neat cover.  And it’s still all pretty and shiny.  And there’s no creases or anything on it.  And . . . Holy Cow!  It’s an ARC!!!”  I had to wipe the drool from my chin.  Anytime I find an ARC, I feel like I’ve struck gold!  Anyway, I set to reading the excerpt for this book and, after reading it, I wondered how anyone could successfully recreate the well-known classic of Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  “But,” I thought, “to heck with it!  I’m gettin’ it.  It looks interesting enough to give it a shot.  And it’s an ARC!”  

Well folks, this book is FANTABULOUS!!! I read it in one day!  And then, because I loved it so much, I got online and bought the hardcover (because I’m a hardcover snob)  Then I got on the author’s website and followed her every way possible (including Goodreads).  I messaged A.G. Howard on Goodreads and gushed about how much I Loved-Loved-Loved Splintered.  The cool thing was, she messaged me back.  We continued our exchange debating about which we swooned over more, Morpheus or Jeb.  To this day, Splintered is still the best find I ever scored!  

Oh, and I’ve since pre-ordered Unhinged – Book 2 in the series!!!). 


[I actually started this blog because back in May 2013 A.G. Howard posted an Unhinged ARC Request Form, but you needed a website or blog to sign up.  So, while I was sitting in a waiting room that morning, I hopped on WordPress and started this blog.  Then I went back to her website and filled out the form.  I didn’t have hardly any followers of course, but I had to throw my name in the hat!] 

Anyway, without giving away too much, because I really could not begin to do the story justice…

Alyssa is a teenager whose ancestor is THE Alice and, consequently, insects and plants speak to her. She tries to silence the voices for fear of ending up in a psych ward like her mother, Alison, and her grandmother, and great-grandmother… pretty much every female in her line since Alice came out of the rabbit hole. When Alyssa discovers the voices are a curse, she sets out in search of the elusive rabbit hole hoping to break it. But when she enters Underland (Alice called it Wonderland), the childlike tale she thought she knew has a dark and twisted spin to it. One example is the dinner Alyssa attends where all the netherlings chase a duck (their meal) around the table trying to bash it with the mallets they hold – because at least that way the meal has a fighting chance! She and her long-time friend Jed, a major hottie who she secretly desires, begin their quest through Underland, while Alyssa tries to pull together any buried knowledge of the place to overcome the obstacles they face. Throughout the tale, she finds herself torn between her jumbled feelings for Jed and her confusing attraction to Morpheus, a breath-taking, bad-boy, netherling she remembers from her childhood dreams.

I would definitely recommend this book to fantasy readers across the board! 


About the Author:

A.G. Howard

A.G. Howard was inspired to write SPLINTERED while working at a school library. Her pastimes are reading, rollerblading, gardening, and family vacations which often include impromptu side trips to 18th century graveyards or condemned schoolhouses to appease her overactive muse.

Her debut YA fantasy, SPLINTERED, a dark Alice in Wonderland spinoff, is now available from Amulet Books. The sequel, UNHINGED, is due to launch January 2014. 


Social Links:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest 

A.G. Howard will be having Giveaways to win an ARC of Unhinged and other fantastic prizes.  You should definitely check these out!  Oh!  And she has some awesome playlists for Splintered and Unhinged!


Buy the Book:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Abrams | Audible | Powell’s | iTunes Books | BAM! | IndieBound | !ndigo | Add to Your Goodreads Shelf



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43 responses to “Stuck in A Good Book Giveaway Hop 2013!!!

  1. Honestly I haven’t read a lot of these kinds of books, but I think you made a great choice with this one! I am DYING to read them because I just got hooked on Once Upon a Time the tv series so this is right up my alley 😀 Thanks!

    • Well, I haven’t heard about the Once Upon a Time tv series!!! I’m gonna have to check that out! It sounds right up my alley 🙂 Thanks for stoppin’ by These are but Shadows & entering the giveaway!

    • Kyla, I have heard so many good things about Brooks’ Shannara series. They are on my to-read shelf as we speak! Thanks for swingin by my blog and entering the contest!

  2. If I could feature any book at all, I probably would feature Anne Bishop’s Written in Red. I won it in a contest hosted by The Jeep Divas. It was love at first sight (kind of like your experience with Splintered). It is a lovely, thick hardback, beautifully done and that’s just the outside. I opened it up and the beauty and originality practically lifted themselves directly off the page and into my mind. I’ve already pre-ordered the sequel (not to be released until March of next year) and am awaiting it not very patiently. I loved hearing about Splintered and will definitely be reading it.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Michelle! When I got your comment, I hopped over to Goodreads to read the synopsis. This sounds like my kind of book! So glad you commented 🙂 Thanks for being a follower and for entering the Stuck in a Good Book Giveaway Hop 🙂

    • Hello Susan! Who is the author of The Historian? The first one that pops up on Goodreas is Elizabeth Kostova. Is that the right book? Well, even if it isn’t I’m adding that one to my to-reads shelf too! Thanks for the suggestion! And for hoppin’ to my blog and entering the contest!

  3. I loved Splintered too. I love that you started this blog just so that you could go for an ARC of Unhinged! I’m not sure what book I would have picked for this hop – I can never come up with a “favorite” book, but there are several books I’ve read this year that I’ve loved. The latest was Allison Hewitt is Trapped.

  4. Oh gosh just one..hmm I would probably go with The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa. It’s in the middle of the series but it is just SO GOOD. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Oh, wow!!! I need to read this book!! First, how cool that you found a treasure buried under other cool books?!? And an ARC…those are limited! And to hit gold with this book- super cool:). Thanks for the post and giveaway!

  6. First I have to tell you, I hate to cry, bothers my allergies and gives me migraines, but Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx sucked me right it and even thought it made me cry through a lot it, I could not put it down. Thanks for sharing the hop and your giveaway.

  7. The book I would feature is the House at the End of Hope Street. I haven’t read it yet, but the author is just a lovely person. 🙂

  8. What a hard question, you choose two of the most beautiful covers of the year and I am certainly a cover gal; just love the art LOL. I have many favorite series and always love to see more of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series. Awesome cover art with even more awesome storytelling 🙂

  9. It would have been Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson! I’ve read it in a few hours and I’m still thinking about it.It was wonderful 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. I would have chosen any book by Gillian Flynn or Stephen King because they are always pulling me in.

    Splintered sounds seriously awesome, too 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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