A fabulous storyteller with a remarkable life

Too amazing! Had to share!

Helena Fairfax

judith kerr, helena fairfaxJudith Kerr is one of the greatest children’s illustrators of our time, and a brilliant storyteller.  A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to listen to her talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Although she’s now ninety years old, she had the whole audience gripped.  When the hour was over – and it zoomed by! – the entire room rose in a standing ovation.  What a fabulous storyteller!

I was a child myself when I first read one of Judith Kerr’s books – her classic fictionalised autobiography When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. This is the story of a young girl’s flight with her family from Berlin, just after the Nazis came to power, and it’s a testament to Judith’s story telling that I can remember scenes from it even now, after all this time.

Judith Kerr’s father was a writer and critic who attacked Hitler in the…

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