The Girls by Victor J. Banis

The Girls - Banis

Synopsis: (from Goodreads)

If you ever thought that animals can’t know true love, you never knew the girls. This emotional short story from legendary author Victor J. Banis will appeal to both dog lovers and all fans of Banis’ writings.



The first thing you need to know about The Girls is that it’s a very short read. The second thing you need to know, is that you will laugh and you will cry (unless you have a heart of stone)!

The Girls tells the story from the point of view of an owner of two beloved dogs, Jenny and Prima. Jenny is a springer who had some special power to divine the needs and wants of her owner. I could not stop laughing as I read about Jenny’s escapades that ranged from eating a whole palm tree (resulting in atrocious gas) to using some kind of special nature radar to pin-point her owner’s location inside of a coffee shop. Prima, a shepherd mix, joins the pair and is taken under Jenny’s wing (meaning Jenny shows her the ropes).

I have three fur-kidz of my own at home. They are treated as if they were children of my own flesh & blood. I love them dearly. I could completely relate to the story when the author said Jenny could divine her owner’s wishes. There are times I swear my dogs understand everything I’m saying when I speak to them. They truly are one of nature’s best species – they certainly are superior to some people I’ve met. And if you have a dog, or if you even like dogs, I will exchange stories with you for hours and hours. So it’s no surprise that The Girls found a fan in me.

Warning – you will laugh for 99% of this book, until the end – then you’ll need to grab tissues, lots and lots of tissues!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Appropriate for ages: All ages

For more information about Victor J. Banis, check out his website.

I received a free eBook of The Girls from Goodreads-Making Connections in exchange for an honest review.


One response to “The Girls by Victor J. Banis

  1. Thank you for a nice (and honest) review. I confess, I cried when I wrote the story, and I cry whenever I hear it or read it. And I cry when I wake up during the night and think I hear The Girls on the floor by my bed….

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