No Justice by Darcia Helle – AND 3 eBOOKS GIVEAWAY!

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These are but Shadows

Calling all fans of mystery thrillers! You have GOT to check these out! And now, you can enter to win ALL 3 eBooks of the Michael Sykora series by Darcia Helle!

But first…my review of No Justice (my review of Beyond Salvationwill be coming soon!)

No Justice Darcia Helle

To some, he is a software programmer who designs games to teach children how to read.

To Ruby, he is a workaholic and her boss – and she still mothers him like she used to when he was little boy abandoned by his mother and left with a drunken, absent daddy who went on frequent benders.

To Isaac, he is a beer-drinking, pool-playing, lifetime friend – and the only man who understands the anguish he carries in his soul from having loved-ones brutally ripped from their lives.

To Nikki, he is a former lover (and a great lay at that), a lost friend –…

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