Giveaway of 3 eBooks Coming Soon!

About a week ago I mentioned an upcoming Giveaway. I asked your opinion of which one you’d rather win: a paperback OR 3 eBooks. And the winner is (drumroll please…)


One of my followers will win a copy of ALL 3 of Darcia Helle’s Michael Sykora novels in eBook format!Darcia Helle

An Update:
I just started reading No Justice. So far, Michael has blown up a pedophile, we meet a hysterical and motherly woman named Ruby, we know Michael gives the same amount of value to people’s opinions of him as he does to dog shit on the bottom of his shoe, he is writing a program to help kids learn how to read, oh – and another job has just landed in his lap. And I’m only on the 4th chapter. While the chapters are short, they are concise and contain no unnecessary fodder. That means this giveaway is gonna happen a lot sooner than I expected!

Seriously, I have been starved for a really good book. These books may just be the thing to satisfy my hunger!

The giveaway will be posted with my reviews of No Justice and Beyond Salvation coming soon!


Shadow me with your thoughts!

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