Destined by Ali Cross

Destined Ali Cross

Book 3 begins as Odin and his subjects discover that, despite a peace treaty between the worlds, the dark elves and the giants have been organizing troops. The belief is they will invade Hell and attempt to overthrow Loki to allow Helena to reclaim the throne. Investigation confirms that Helena’s hand instigated the movement. However, further investigation reveals their true target is, in fact, Midgard.

Unfortunately, the one person powerful enough to stop this evil force was swept away by a tornado of blackness leaving Michael, Miri, and even Odin, hoping she hasn’t died, and worrying over where she can be found. Despite Michael’s fervent efforts, Desi’s whereabouts still remain a mystery. He has searched everywhere for her – well everywhere except the one place Odin forbids he venture – Hell. Odin fears that if Michael enters Hell, then Loki would ensnare Michael’s mind again and he will become the Horseman once more. Further, Odin commands Michael to ready his army to face the giants and elves that threaten his children in Midgard.

Meanwhile, Miri and James are summering at a rented flat in France. While there, Miri has another horrific nightmare – this time she is suspended from shackles in Helena’s former prison. Her only companions are creepy stone creatures who are fearful of her. Her enemy is the unending silence. She wakes screaming and realizes that it wasn’t her in chains – it was Desi. Coincidentally, a light elf and a hound show up and, upon discovering Miri’s dream, task James with travelling to Hell to find Desi. But can he find her in time to save the fate of Midgard? And will he survive his journey to Hell unscathed?

If you have read the first 2 books (and/or my reviews), you probably already know my issue with this series – Repetition and Redundancy. Desi still struggles to accept that she can be loved, she is capable of loving, she is worthy of Michael’s love and Miri’s love and James’ love, and their friendship, blah, blah, blah. Of course you’ve figured out that she gets rescued from her prison in Hell, and she reconnects with Michael, and their love story resumes. I really expected more passion this time around, but there was simply more lovey-dovey kissing…and that’s it. Equally disappointing was the battle between Odin’s, Helena’s, and Loki’s forces. Talk about anti-climatic. Sure Desi fought a little, but then she travels through a few worlds and eventually ends up back on the battlefield finally knowing her true destiny…and that’s it. No super-crazy-awesome-kick-butt Desi. Nope. She’s spent so much time travelling around that everyone else has already defeated the evil forces. Another thing that bugged me about this book was that the ending took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to wrap up. I kept thinking, “Surely this is it, this has to be the last chapter,” but then there was yet another chapter of more dribble that did nothing to contribute to or enhance the story. In my opinion the ending would have been stronger and more effective had the author wrapped everything up in one tight and concise chapter, instead of dragging the story out another 6 or 7 chapters. On the plus side, Desolation’s destiny is finally revealed (and I admit it is pretty cool). And at least I now have closure to this series (even if it was heaped on me by the truckload).

Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Appropriate for ages 14 & up.

For more information about Ali Cross, check out her website!


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