Desolate (book 2 of Desolation) by Ali Cross

Desolate Ali Cross


Desi’s path is a difficult one. Two months ago, she was forced to decide the fate of the lives of two people she loved – Miri (her best friend) or Michael (her forever love). The Hallowed tell her she made the right choice. Still the guilt of her decision to save Miri and damn Michael into the bowels of Hell to be tormented for all eternity by her father, Lucifer, weighs on her. She finds a feeble distraction in training, school, and the members of the Hallowed. But the demands of her fate stir once more and she battles a Horseman who brings destruction, discovers a newly created door to Hell, converses with a chained goddess and her hounds, and struggles to keep the tenuous, warm glow of Asgard from being eradicated by her Shadow self. Desi thought she had made her choice, but can she overcome Loki’s influence that has taken root and slowly spreads throughout her soul?

Similar to Become, Desi’s continuing guilt and I-don’t-deserve-Michael was overused and repetitive – kind of like (please excuse the cliche here) kicking a dead horse. There were a couple of typos, which normally wouldn’t distract me from the flow of the story, but I did find myself getting snagged enough that it’s worth mentioning. While the POV changes from Desi, the new view is also riddled with the woe-is-me and what-have-I-done sentiments. After the 10th time I felt like screaming “I get it already! Move on!”

On the plus side, the overall plot was interesting. Readers who were teased in Become by the mention of Helena, the goddess who originally ruled Hell, finally get a chance to meet the quirky vixen. James went from a “meh” character to one I really enjoyed and loved reading. Knowles also displays a surprising side. The characters’ hope and determination continue to embolden their spirits and steel their resolve to battle against Lucifer’s newly appointed Second and the death and destruction she commands. The cliffhanger at the end effectively sparked my curiosity and left me wondering what the characters were going to face in the 3rd book, Destined. Honestly, I would love to see Miri evolve from the timid, fragile girl she was in the first two books into a woman who finds her backbone, gains some confidence and becomes a force to be reckoned with! I gotta read on to find out!

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Appropriate for ages 14 & up.

For more information about Ali Cross, check out her website!

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