Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon by Jean Marzollo

Baby Unicorn Baby Dragon

The story begins when Star, the baby unicorn, finds her friend Moon, the baby dragon, crying. He is sad because his wings still have not grown. Star tells Moon that when she was little, she had to be brave and for each act of bravery, her horn would grow longer and longer. Just as Star and Moon start out on their quest for bravery, a Wicked Elf casts a sleeping spell on the pair and steals Star’s horn! Soonafter, they find out that the Wicked Elf has also stolen a tooth from the Elder Dragon. Join Star and Moon on their brave adventure as they try to reclaim Star’s horn and the Elder Dragon’s tooth from the Wicked Elf. Will Moon be brave and have what it takes to grow his wings?

I had read this book as well as book 1 (Baby Unicorn) when I was a child. In fact, my love of dragons, unicorns, and mythical beings may very well stem from these books. When the book arrived, I didn’t know if my memory was going to be better than reality. I can say without a doubt that, these days, they just don’t make children’s books like they used to. By that I mean that there is a whole paragraph of words on the pages rather than a simple 10 word (or less) sentence. This book is beautiful both in the moral of the story and in the illustrations.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
Appropriate for all ages. I recommend these books to anyone with children.

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