Wizard’s Tale by Kurt Busiek

Wizard's Tale

I heard about this book from an author I follow who said her daughter loves it. I can see why. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous. And while the story can be a little cheesy at parts, there were many others where I was literally laughing out loud (thank you Gumpwort).

No matter how hard Bafflerog tries to live up to the name of his historically famous evil ancestors, his spells always go awry. At the beginning of the story, he decides to spell up a horrible storm to wreck hevoc on the villages below. However, the storm is actually welcomed by the villagers because they had been experiencing a drought, and to top it all off, a rainbow appears! Bafflerog’s mistake does not go unnoticed and soon he receives an unwelcome visit from the horrifying Lord Grimthorne. After terrorizing poor Bafflerog and his little alchemites, Grimthorne inquires into Bafflerog’s task of finding the Book of Worse – a book said to hold powerfully evil spells.

Check out Bafflerog’s adventures as he searches for the Book of Worse!

Oh, and an added bonus is that the book includes a recipe for Sunshine Cake at the back – awesome!

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