Cinny hasn’t moved in a long while, as evidenced by the moss growing on his back, but his eyes are sharp and intelligent and he keeps His Boy entertained during their daily conversations (sometimes he even stumps the old man on a riddle from time to time).


His Boy is retired now, his kids grown with families of their own and his wife up above with beloved relatives, so every day Cinny and His boy sit on the front porch chatting about things that were and things that may come to pass.


Today, His Boy recalls that summer years ago when he had begged his mama for a puppy because all the neighborhood kids had puppies; she brought home Cinny instead.  Although His Boy hadn’t been given the puppy he had pleaded for, he still loved Cinny instantly; the two became best friends.


In those early days, Cinny’s feathers had been snow white and soft; now they looked like a proud suit of arms, hardened and silvered from the many adventures the two had shared.


Cinny’s favorite memories were helping His Boy build forts in trees, bushes and couch cushions, comforting him on nights the lightening flashed and thunder boomed, swimming with him in the woodland lake nearby, flying with him through the crisp morning air, and, of course, the night His Boy named him Cinny (after the constellation Cygnus the Swan which they had seen one summer night so long ago).


The first time His Boy brought a lovely girl to meet Cinny, the swan knew their little flock had grown to three and, shortly after, Cinny happily stood beside His Boy on his wedding day.


A couple of years later, there was much celebrating when His Boy found out he and his wife were expecting twins and it wasn’t long until Cinny had two new boys to fly with!


A dreamy look fills the old man’s eyes as they reminisce about the good ol’ days and he wonders aloud if Cinny would ever take him into the blue skies again.


Cinny says he has one last flight for his boy, and promises it will be more joyous than all of their other adventures combined – but not today, not yet.



created by Shannon Maechling


If you enjoyed this short story, please feel free to click HERE to read more about my novel-in-progress, Myrevaldi.

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